B2B tested the Amsterdam Old Course

On a 2 days Business trip to Amsterdam, I looked at my meeting’s location neared golf course and found the Amsterdam Old Course 9 holes.

In my little trolley, I had packed rain coat, rain pants, golf pants, golf shoes, golf socks, 6 Titleist Pro V1x, beanie, sweater, and one new shirt/underwear, socks and tie for my next day meeting!

As soon as my meeting was over at 2:10pm, took an Uber to the golf course, and was ready to play against a huge fog I only saw that bad in Zagreb…

1-Price: 13/20

35 euros for 9 holes seems the normal price for a 9 holes in Western Europe biggest cities. Around Paris, this is the price. However, I played during the week and normally, it should be less. A good price would have been 25 bucks.

I did not bring my clubs so I had to rent them and the price was 15 euros. A little expensive for 9 holes.

2-Reception: 18/20

The gentleman from the bar was very kind and told me I could play and pay later, as my credit card would not pass. I tried Amex and Visa and he said it might not work there and even tough I said I did not have any cash, he told me to go play and we would see later.

I then went to change in the men’s locker room and the place was amazing. In it’s vintage style, with retro golf bags and clubs with the wooden lockers.

Dressed as a proper golfer ready to grip it and rip it, I met with the golf pro that had my golf clubs for this journey as I had called prior to go there telling the situation. Gary started to speak and I instantly recognized his scottish accent and kindness (see article).

I told him he was the Shivas Irons (see article) of Amsterdam and delighted him. The clubs were the clubs I started to play with in 1999, Callaway big Berta Irons and woods. I was very happy to try these again. Gary gave me for free a bucket to warm up in the Practice.

I just wished I had had more time to do a round with him. Very kind man. Thanks Gary.

3-Fun Score: 17/20

The course belonging to the city, it has been cut by a huge highway and train viaduc, so it is very funny to see that in some holes you will have on your left or right, huge concrete pillars and train viaduc that you could can reach.

I love playing old courses, where you feel the history, does not matter if they are high quality fairways or greens. It reminded me the Franklin Delano Roosevelt golf course from the 1940’s I played in Philadelphia this year. Same retro style.

Moreover, regarding the fairways they are very narrow and fall on each side (don’t know how you call this), so better be straight. And add the fog to that, you better very well visualize the middle (see article) to hit it well because you loose the ball at its peak.

The greens are very very hard, and look brown. I did some great approaches, and one beautiful lob in the last hole from 35 meters that almost fell in the cup, but rolled and fell back. So very fast, and always the same configuration, falling on each side.

Finally, a lot of par 4 and 5 and only two short par 3s. I enjoyed a lot.

4-Lost balls: 18/20

I only lost one ball, but found another that had the Amsterdam Old Course logo so as Gary said, that a pretty good deal. But as there are not a lot of trees, you can easely find your balls.

The only way you can really loose a ball there is to hit it in the Highway, or in the concrete viaduc and loosing it up there.

5-10th hole: 18/20

The bar and restaurant was full when I arrived and I really wanted to have a nice beer before changing and ordering my Uber to get back in my hotel, but the credit card machine was in reality a debit card machine, and I only had my Amex and Visa…

So not only I could not pay my green fee (I had only given 15 euros in cash to the Pro), but I had to leave without any beer. The Gentleman was very kind and just told me I had to work there for the night to pay him off.

Conclusion: 16,80/20

Historical golf that you will enjoy to play because it is probably the only time you’ll see such configuration, plus the personnel is very kind and nice. The players too I should say.

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