B2B tested the Gujan-Mestras Golf Course

One week at my parents’ in French beautiful 19th century resort city Arcachon, was B2B’s perfect opportunity to test all the best nearby golf courses, among which was Gujan Mestras, built in the 1990’s in a big open condominium project.


And to be honest, I found a great deal on vente-prive.com , two pretty cheap 18holes green fees for my GF and myself! Main reason why I really came decided to visit Gujan Mestras, a town 15 minutes away from Arcachon that doesn’t have any other particular touristic interest.

1-Price: 13/20

Even tough there are very good prices on mygreenfee.com such as 35 euros for 18 holes weekdays, my bargain at vente-privee.com was even better at 24,50 euros. However, I also paid for another game, same winter period, 30 euros for the 9 holes course…


2-Reception: 15/20

The young gentlemen at the reception was very kind even tough many things were not set up (practice was closed & no air to clean the shoes) that were none of his fault. However he was courageous, running up and down the club house, as he was covering for his sick colleagues despite him not being at his best himself.


3-Fun Score: 19/20

Firstly, I must say that when you live in Paris and you « need to » visit the family in South-West region of France for Christmas, the deal is not that bad. The weather is great, nice 10°C and up during the day, sunglasses are a must and you can forget your windproof winter jacket back in Paris. As well, Gujan Mestras is in the sandy region which means no mud on your shoes! It is so nice to be able to play on a dry fairway in December.


Secondly, you are in the middle of the maritime pine trees, and the scenery is just beautiful all the way to the 18th hole, rest assured that the walk will be pleasant with a nice pine tree aroma.


Finally, the course has it all, with a lot of water and doglegs, throughout the course, so quite challenging. Plus, we had a privilege to play with the local, a very nice partner called André, 18 handicap, retired Night Club Manager, and cook passionate, it was the cherry on the top!

4-Lost balls: 17/20

Luckily, I only lost one ball in the woods. The others were waiting for me in the second cut. Many holes are protected by water, don’t loose your confidence and tee up your best ball.

5-19th hole: 19/20


We finished our course at 2:30pm and didn’t even expect having lunch. However, the kind lady immediately asked us if we wanted to eat and in France I can tell you this is rare as all kitchen close at 2pm max. The service was perfect and kind. Great customer experience.

Conclusion: 16,80/20


If you are in the region, you got to play this one! And don’t be mad if the cleaning equipment, or practice are out of order, as all the rest for your game will be perfect. Plus, this is probably the best Blue Green golf in France. Not a surprise it is the most profitable one.

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