B2B tested the Saint-Marc Golf Course

After hearing great things from my golf buddies, I had high expectations for this course.

I was even more excited to see the 12th hole “Augusta” lookalike!  I took my clubs, two golf partners, and we cruised there for a nice Saturday morning drive.

2017-01-29 16.49.51.jpg

1-Price: 17/20

You know that feeling when you’re starting late but still paying full price? Well there is none of that  nonsense here. A full 18 holes fare at Saint Marc costs 45 euros (during the winter/low season), but we teed off at 2pm and therefore benefited from a reduced price of 34 euros. And to be fair, 2pm isn’t even that late… you won’t find much better in the Paris area.

2017-01-29 15.25.58.jpg

2-Reception: 15/20

Sometimes three guys getting together for an afternoon trip can be very prolific with corny, not-so-funny jokes – and that definitely was the case for us. The front desk lady put up with us and was all smiles. Prior to tee-off, we visited the upstairs hall and had a coffee. The (Director or Golf Pro?) walked by but did not bother greeting us which was quite the disappointment. Overall we were warmly welcomed by all of the other staff members.

2017-01-29 18.27.46.jpg

3-Fun Score: 17/20

Rare are the moments where my two golf buddies and myself all feel the same about a course.

However the Saint Marc Golf Course won us over. It is quite hilly, with many water obstacles, which is enjoyable. There are beautiful fairways that are a bit narrow.

2017-01-29 17.02.52.jpg

You rarely stand straight in front of the ball – your feet usually will be above the ball. Also the greens are on a hill but they’re not as fast as you’d expect.

2017-01-29 17.38.02.jpg

It is probably the most beautiful public golf course in the Paris region and definitely the most fun.

2017-01-29 17.37.58.jpg

4-Lost balls: 17/20

The golfer’s Schrodinger’s Cat experiment is a ball that is simultaneously lost and not lost. Does a ball count as lost if you can clearly see it in the middle of a frozen lake? That’s the kind of philosophical question that the Saint Marc Golf Course will have you wondering about during cold freezing winter.

The woods are omnipresent around the course so there is a chance that you will be send some golf balls to an adventure. It is also possible to find some of your balls on the adjacent fairways since they are quite narrow.


5-19th hole: 12/20

2017-01-29 18.31.03.jpg

The problem with starting at 2:00 p.m. is that you will most likely find the bar closed once you’re finished. If you really want to spend some cash after a round of golf, nearby you’ve got a shop called La Ferme where you can buy organic fruits and vegetables.

Average bill: 30 euros.

Conclusion: 15,60/20

This is to me the best public golf course experience 30 minutes away from Paris. Unbeatable!

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