B2B Tested Etretat mythical French golf course

If you are a « Normand » (or even Parisian actually), les falaises d’Etretat is a place you have visited many times with family and friends, always frustrated to watch lucky players attack a very steep uphill par 4.

Finally, the day had come for me to organise our quarterly 500€ (LOL) golf week end, and since I knew none of my buddies had played it, this would be a perfect setting for our own Ryder Cup.


And indeed, this is a golf outing that you have to organise. I believe having called to reserve 2 threesomes back in March for the last weekend of September 2018 (Ryder Cup weekend organised in France) and still I could only get Saturday 3PM tee times…

1-Price: 15/20

80€ walking, 100 with cart. Not the cheapest but what would you expect from such mythical golf? Would you be happy with 60? Yeah, but 60 is a « Blue green » regular 18 holes. 20 bucks extra are worth it! You’re a golfer, that’s not even half a dozen V1s!


2-Reception: 20/20

For a long time I thought no golf course would get a good rating in « Reception »… Until I came here. The blonde lady working there is perfect to provide a professional and kind customer experience. She even left her counter to show us how the golf carts.

We were two threesomes and she had the necessary patience to charge all 6 of us, with a smile, and nice words all along for our very vocal corky international group. « Un sans faute »! She even gave us Ryder Cup bands and US/EU flags to decorate our carts!


3-Fun Score: 17/20

Because we did two threesomes best ball Europe vs US to recreate the Ryder Cup, this was awesome. However, the course in itself is very good at providing the necessary amount of fun a coastal course would normally give.


It gets nice after the hole 7 where you’ll start to see the sea. Hole 10 is awesome because you’re very high and have to hit the fairway 200 yards down on a steep left to right with still a lot to go to the green, and the non golfer spectators that will applause a nice putt!


What I love about this course is that it is very hilly. Obviously not great if you walk but you will have rewarding shot downhill for sure with very very long drives. And interesting approach shots where you will have to lob it a lot!


And if you get a late tee time, you’ll finish your round with a beautiful « Indian Summer » sunset…


But only the beauty of this environment is already enough to give you fun and unforgettable memories. Etretat is beautiful.


4-Lost balls: 12/20

The first ruff is quite heavy and you’ll have difficulties finding your balls. On hole 10, this is the major risk of loosing your ball if you try to cut with your drive too far left. Get 2 extra sleeves…


5-19th Hole: 7/20

You probably wont find better view than the club house restaurant. But you’ll sure find better food and better service.


The service was done by a pretentious server that has probably been there for decades and take his position and customers for granted because he works in the best spot in Etretat. He is actually right. People will continue to go there despite his shitty attitude.

Expect a non professional, mediocre service from this senior server. Not the young guys though. And if you want to reserve, of course say that you’ll play the course otherwise, not spot for you, according to that a-hole.

What about the food? Seafood seems fresh, portions are good for fish, ridiculous for veggies and puree… « Selon l’humeur du chef »! Nothing special. I would recommend in Etretat, the best creperie: Lann Bihoue! Just awesome.

Conclusion: 14,20/20

I will go back again for sure, not in the restaurant though. Probably the best continental coastal golf course in France.


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