B2B Tested « Manhattan » most affordable Golf Course

If you live in Manhattan, let’s say Midtown, the quickest golf round fix’s going to be Moshulu 9 holes in the Bronx near Van Cortlandt Park taking the 4 or 5 up to the last stop. No need to take a cab after that, just cross a quick 5 minute forrest walk path.


And after 50 minutes, there you are, in a very nice looking golf course that looks simple but yet clean and well taken care of. Moreover, on the weekends, you’ll see a lot of kids and if you love the game, you got to love seing youth practice it.

1-Price: 17/20

Wanna play 9, you’ll pay 30 dollars. Wanna estend to 18, pay 10 bucks more. You are a resident, you’ll save an additional 3 to 6 dollars. However, be aware that this is not a classic Par 70, it is a par 64 with no par 5, still cheap though, and no need for cart.


But I’ll also consider the fact that you’re 5 dollars away from this golf course, not 5 dollars going and back plus 20 dollars taxi from the station to the course…

2-Reception: 16/20

It was my third golf course tested since I moved to the US (3 weeks ago) and the first time I was happy and did not felt like I was giving a boring time to the guy at the reception. This young guy was friendly, smiling and easy going, not in a hurry like everyone else.


Moreover, he took the time to explain how to enter my GHIN score and edit a card in the reception public adhoc computer. However, he did not ask if I was a resident so I could pay a little less. Still a very good experience with all the staff.

3-Fun Score: 14/20

You’ll have 2 drivable par 4s, how cool is that? Normally you always see pros being able to do that because they can drive it 290-300 where the ball rolls miles! Here you’ll have 2 chances to try your best even if you’ll stay short, sorry. At least you can dream!


Well indeed you wont have any par 5s, but all the par 4s and 3s are very fun because either you have doglegs, or you have big downhills. Your short game will be at stake and you wont use a lot of long irons for second shots.


The greens  were pretty good and you’ll have fun with some challenging holes.


Finally, the partners I had for my two rounds were very different. The first was a family of 3 that were riding in carts with the son alone that did not offer me a sit in his cart… His parents were cool tough. Father played there for more than 30 years!

My second round was very lucky as I met a very kind father playing with his young daughter and son in scramble. Everyone had a great time and I definitly have a model of the kind of father I’ll want to be with my kids on the course.

4-Lost balls: 15/20

Even if I did not loose one ball there, the ruff can get heavy but rarelly you’ll loose a ball in the woods as there are not that many. The course being compact, worse case scenario, you’ll be on the other fairway most of the time.


5-19th hole (actually 10th here): 16/20

I did not stay very long after but the bar/restaurant seemed very simple and welcoming, so was the barman. You’ll find simple candy/soda/beer there, nothing fancy but that’s not what you’re looking for there. Everything you’ll need in this family golf course.


Conclusion: 15,60/20

Probably the course I’ll go the most because the players are very friendly, it’s quick to get there, cheap, and you can play quickly. You can go there in the morning and get back by noon if you’re willing to play only 9 holes.

Friendly staff and more than sufficient green/fairway keeping quality will enhance your journey there. Have fun and call me if you’re going there.

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