Golf Christmas Gifts 2017

This is the kind of article I write to drive traffic to this blog. Indeed, every passionate golfer talks about golf with everyone, hair dresser, dentist, chiropractor, boss, employee, liquor store manager, and every time the same question: my brother in law plays, what should I get him? Well just check latest article to find out, with links to the cheapest option!

1-Sun Mountain Waterproof logo-free golf stand bag -120$

Unless you live in California, every golfer I know plays a good part of the year on mud, and « 54% » chance of rain. Therefore, the golfer needs a waterproof bag.


And the best available out there is Sun Mountain that does it very well conceived and light, in 4-way (separations for the clubs). You can find here the best deal because there is no logo (why advertise for free right?!).

2-Suaoki Range finder-80$

The cool accessory every golfer must have is a range finder to measure how far is the flag, any kind of obstacle (bunkers), or even to measure on the practice range accurately how far your ball goes or to realize that those distance marks are accurate…

And often, you’ll see the golfer does not have it because Golf shops sell it pretty expensive, and even if today you can find some old models online for 180$, every golfer know it’s pricey.

However, knowing that this laser technology is widely spread today, I knew I could find a cheaper option, and so for several months now, I’ve been playing with this model that has every option a golfer needs (flag lock, distance up to 656 yards, and height).

3-Colored glove fancy and cheap version-15$ or 35$

This is a cool gift that is out of the ordinary for a golfer and that is always a necessity. Trendy in the 70s with Seve wearing different colors, GFore, an expensive Italian golf brand brought them back, but Callaway has the cheap version for the same effect.

Image result for bubba watson

4-Golf books -8$ or 13$

World’s best all time golf player legend Bobby Jones said “golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears”. You can quote this if you’ll offer a book.

Image result for ben hogan 5 lessons

For the beginner or the struggling player, the base: Ben Hogan 5 lessons. For the advanced player, Quantum golf, to teach easy ways to unlock the power of the brain.




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