B2B Tested Pelham Bay Golf Courses

When you live midtown without a car, you know you don’t have much choice if you’re cheap. Limited choice for you if you don’t want to take the subway forever. Van Cortlandt (not great), Pelham Bay (keep on reading), and Moshulu (great to get your golf fix).

IMG_0122 (1)

To get there, you’ll take the 4 or 5 train till the end of the line « Pelham Bay Park », and a quick 5 minutes cab.

1-Price: 12/20

They are among the few golf courses accessible from Manhattan and they know it, so forget any discount, even when the weather is bad. It will be around 70$ cart included. And the course is long so I do not recommend walking.


And to get there, subway, plus 20$ cab going and back. Done 90$. Of course you could play twilight but if you’re married what are the chances you could do that? You’re already leaving for at least 6 hours! Want to get back at night?

And one last thing here, as many public golf courses in the US, forget about a driving range! You’ll practice your chip shots and your putting, that’s it!

IMG_0155 (1)

2-Reception: 12/20

Why bother when you know your golf course is going to be full all year long? Well don’t expect a great CX. In return, don’t buy anything extra from them. However, it is not as bad as Van Cortlandt, if you ask questions, they will reply NY style, fast, time is money!

IMG_0156 (1)

One thing that is nice though and that is part of reception, is the club house, beautiful colonial from the outside. When you arrive and see that big mansion, you feel good about it! And that’s probably why a lot of marriages and events happen there.

3-Fun Score: 15/20

I’m never hard in that section because it is hard to not have fun in golf, does not mather the quality of the course. If you love the game, you’ll love every challenge. Moreover, isn’t it always fun to ride the cart? Petrol I have to say… Very US style!

IMG_0149 (1)

Regarding the course, I should say both of them are long and challenging, with a few holes with water, but overall, you’ll have to take the driver out a lot, and the americans play long! Greens are ok, not as challenging as I could see in other courses. You can score.


That’s another nice thing here, I’ve played both courses on different days and I’ve stayed in touch with both day partners. Coold guys from the city, same profile always, Consulting or Finance, mid 30s. Fun guys!

IMG_0148 (1).JPG

Only problem like in a lot of public golf courses, the play time. It will take you 5 hours and a half minimum to play 18, don’t count there the time to get there… Way too long. So Enjoy the beauty of the course! Train track is fun.

IMG_0146 (1).JPG

Oh and I almost forgot, one of the greatest things you’ll see there are the huge Turkeys walking around! So Cool! This elevates the grade so much!


4-Lost Balls: 12/20

You’ll loose a few but nothing dramatic. Rough ok, but if you go in the bushes or behind the fences that force an out of bound, forget it! If you’re in a good day perfect, if not, get those extra used balls.


5-19th Hole: 10/20

As I said previously, if you’re married and want to remain that way, after you left home at 6:30am, you better not take a drink after your 18 holes that took you 6 hours… So have not been able to try it, the only thing I can talk about is the cart girl.

IMG_0127 (1).JPG

Not that friendly and you’ll probably hate to pay your beer can 5 dollars (without tip). And guess what, don’t because actually beer is not good for your game (check out Percy Boomer Golf book for that).


So better stay in good terms with your wife that will prepare you a sandwitch. Along with some twizzlers that you love as much as you love her!

IMG_0130 (1)

Conclusion: 11,80/20

Best 18 holes you’ll get 50 minutes away from midtown! Enjoy the game, meet some nice folks and forget the rest because unless you become a member somewhere, that’s the best you’ll get!


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