B2B tested NYC most expensive public course!

Every year, my lovely wife gets me a sweet birthday gift. 2016 was this, 2017 a nice gift card to do a lot on the Best Public golf course in NYC, Trump Ferry Links! Why the best? Well, do you need more than a design by Jack Nicklaus?!


Moreover, Donald Trump is known for picking up the best locations, and having awesome golf clubs that are usually either reserved for members, luckies, or pros. So I guess that contributes to the Trump Ferry point Legend or Myth

Finally, you’re in the Bronx, and comparing to Van Cortland, or Pelham Bay, no one will tell you they prefer those over Ferry Point! And Getting there is pretty easy from Midtown, 6 train to Parkchester, then 15$ Uber round trip.


1-Price: 09/20


Don’t expect to go very far with this! If you’re playing during the week, it’s less expensive, but it’s still 182$ (practice balls, golf cart included and necessary). Of course, this is the price if you can prove a NYC residency! Otherwise, it will cost you more.

I have to say that until you get there, with all the legend that this course generates, the price seems ok for a « once in a lifetime » fun. However, when you get there, you wonder why it is so expensive!

Oh, during the course, if the beer is not that expensive, 6$, the signature cocktail, a very heavy Daiquiri will cost you 18… Grilled cheese 6$, and expect to pay if you’re thirsty because no water distributor.


2-Reception: 13/20

If you have not researched about it, you wont know that there is no 10M$ Club house, even though the trailer style with tents that serves that function temporarly has a marble bathroom. And that everything is not finished.

And despite the lack of knowledge regarding how to use the gif card, CX was as good as it gets in a country club. They’re not welcoming you with US retail store enthousiasm but they are professional and helpful.

And they are a lot, 2 cart girls, 2 in the mid round snack bar, 1 in the driving range, one starter, 2 rangers, 4 in the bar, 3 in the reception/pro shop, 2 for the cart parking. You wont get lost and wont wait to be served.


Last but not least, I was happely surprised that the pro shop had the brand GFore that has the awesome colorful Bubba Watson gloves and nice fun hats, very hard to find in NY. Still 38$ one glove…

Almost forgot… the practice is very nice when you arrive because you have the famous balls pyramid. But when you take a closer look, you realise that even if they are TaylorMade balls, they still are ordinary practice balls, to hit on a mattress…


3-Fun Score: 17/20

I’m not putting a better grade because I just realized I prefer courses with threes! I’ve played St Andrews in Scotland, and I guess I can’t do better in terms of links.


And the other reason is that if Donald can drive on the greens, believe me, you can’t! All the golf carts have an integrated GPS that stops the cart everytime you go on the ruff, and that’s not hugely accurate… The only way out is reverse with the anoying noise!


However, you’ll still have a great time and here is why:

-First, you have to admire the layout of the course, with the mini dunes everywhere, the fairways with no tansitions into the greens, the beautiful bridge, the skyline, and the overall impression of being in St Andrews Scotland (without the Bronx…)!


-Second, the greens are as hard as in St Andrews, however not as fast.

-Third, the bunkers are of great quality, not as hard as in St Andrews for sure, but that’s your main obstacle with a few holes with water.

Finally, in terms of hole diversity, playing from the Blue (there is gold also…), the lenght of the different holes will be fun to play with one very long par 3 (190y), and a couple of long par 5. Careful: Second cut is often hard to play because of a downhill/uphill lye!


4-Lost Balls: 13/20

Well this is a links, so unless you’re a pro playing a tournament where all the spectators are stepping on the very high grass allowing you to find your ball, you’ll loose a half dozen balls… But you’ll find some other nice Titleist pro V1x!


Fairways are wide, and the second cut will always show you the nice shiny ball you bought for the occasion. You should not be in the water, but the deep rough yes!


5-19th Hole: 10/20

If you still have room left after all the beers you drunk during the course considering the many times you saw the cart girls, and the two times you’ve passed in front of the snack bar, you’ll be able to have a last one in the bar that is below the tent.

Of course there is AC, and the staff is friendly, but this is not the place you want to spend your money on expensive drinks. Let’s wait for the completion of the club house, that you’re probably paying for before mortgage!


Conclusion: 12,40/20

If you have already played St Andrews Old Course, at this stage of the club completion, no real interest for playing Trump unless you love links. If you have not, great way to experience how it’s like to play in Scottland!


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