B2B tested the Arcachon International Golf Course

As part of my end of year holidays in France beautiful south west, and a target to do all the golf courses near my stay in Arcachon, was obviously the famous International Arcachon Golf club established in 1895.

1-Price: 12/20

It is the kind of golf you don’t know what the price will be as it is not mentioned anywhere, and that you don’t ask either. However, let me tell you that it is 61 euros for 18 holes. Fair price. And forget about mygreenfee.com or bookandgolf.com , not available.

2-Reception: 14/20

First interaction with them was over the phone and it was quite good, my fiancee and I wanted a tee time before their opening at 9am so they said, just go and you’ll pay after (they took our names and golf licence numbers of course).

On site, they arrived before the official opening time so I was able to enter and the lady was kind enough to give me a score card. And at the end, the young fellow was professional. So all ok, no bad attitude or behaviour, all good.

3-Fun Score: 14/20

I love playing old courses because it makes me think every time that for decades and decades, people with such different life than me, have done the exact same journey as I. Plus it is always less artificial that what we can see in newer courses.

On the diversity of the course, you’ll have a little bit of everything (water, woods, bunkers), and a lot of hills! And I think his is the type of course, (such as l’Isle Adam or Mont Griffon) that you could play with a golf cart is you’re in a hurry.

But overall, the funniest parts for me were the first hole where you have a big downhill green that you could reach in one, the second same but par 3, the 17 par 3, and the 18. All of this with your dog because they are allowed. (Very few in France accept).

And one word for the greens to say they were in great shape for December!

4-Lost balls: 17/20

I lost a couple of balls on 3 holes, 1 that had woods on the right, 1 water, and 1 dogleg with a huge ruff on the left. However, on wont lose it on the second cut!

5-19th hole: 19/20

Best CX I got in a golf course. I think overall, when you are used to Normandy where the service is not the smiliest, when you arrive in a similar 19th century similar Resort city, you are very surprised at their free kindness!

As always, after our 18 holes we took a coffee (for her) and a beer (for me), and as every time service is good, we decided to stay for lunch and it was delicious, fresh and cheap! We were also able to eat at the low table and sofas we were at without any issue.

I even went there again with my father on another day just to have some coffee. Great club house with old pictures, but most of all great crew! Thanks again to all of them.

Conclusion: 15,20/20

Historical golf that you will enjoy to play because it is probably the only time you’ll see such configuration, plus the personnel is very kind and nice. The players too I should say.

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