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Golf Christmas Gifts 2017

This is the kind of article I write to drive traffic to this blog. Indeed, every passionate golfer talks about golf with everyone, hair dresser, dentist, chiropractor, boss, employee, liquor store manager, and every time the same question: my brother in law plays, what should I get him? Well just check latest article to find out, with links to the cheapest option! 1-Sun Mountain … Continuer de lire Golf Christmas Gifts 2017

Economist Golf Oracle Dan Rosenheck’s Interview

If you’re a golfer, one of the main reasons you chose this sport and enjoy watching it resides in the fact it is unpredictable! Well, you might be wrong… Following Harvard studies, and a long sports journalist career at The Economist mainly, Adam Rosenheck, today data’s editor created the Economist Advantage Golf Likelihood Estimator, a major tournament outcome tool that succeeded in predicting Sergio Garcia’s 2017 … Continuer de lire Economist Golf Oracle Dan Rosenheck’s Interview

B2B tested NYC most expensive public course!

Every year, my lovely wife gets me a sweet birthday gift. 2016 was this, 2017 a nice gift card to do a lot on the Best Public golf course in NYC, Trump Ferry Links! Why the best? Well, do you need more than a design by Jack Nicklaus?! Moreover, Donald Trump is known for picking up the best locations, and having awesome golf clubs that … Continuer de lire B2B tested NYC most expensive public course!